terça-feira, 1 de setembro de 2009

Welcome back again!

Isn't amazing the simple fact that we are alive?!? That we are able to see, to hear, to smell, to touch almost everything around us?

Although, some times for thousands of reasons, some one of then due to random things that we can't change or control, but so many others be cause of issues tied on our hands (those that we pretend not see every single day) we get kind of numbness of the senses. Things just look the same, people are even more strange or just even more as yesterday, we barely remember how the weather was or what do we had for lunch, there are no more colors, flavors, funny. Every thing is just ordinary bored, annoying.

But you know what? You've only closed the doors, the doors of perception. Yeah, maybe Jim Morison already said that. Anyway... the thing is that it's so true and once we do this, we become like zombies, walking around between life and death or even worse, like a dead life. Just letting the days pass by instead of pass through the days as funky as it can be. So pathetic!

About one month ago I was just like it, but then life just hit me in the head and I got my keys again, I set myself free and I opened up the doors. All of them. I can feel again the blood running through my vains, the sun touching my face, the music of the wind almost like a tinker bell and it's just awesome!!!

I've been thrilled! As you can see, even the butterflies are back on the right spot and the best part of it is just about to begin!!!